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- Fortune Magazine

Can’t imagine running a team 1:1 meetings without WideAngle!

Dianne Kleber, Director of Sales @ Gesture

The product itself helped our organization create intentionality, consistency, and accountability in our 1:1s in a scalable and manageable way.

Amanda Arthur - Manager, Account Development @ MuleSoft

[My team] knows what I want to know long in advance of their meetings, which has in turn made our weekly 1 on 1’s significantly more productive.

Robert Beattie, Senior Director @ Thomson Reuters

One-on-ones are easier, because I am focused ahead of time on what we are going to talk about.

Jimmy Miner, Sales Leader at PatientCo

The better relationship I have with my direct reports, the better the results.

Whit Ferguson, Sales Leader at MassMutual Financial

WideAngle allows me to keep track of every 1 on 1 that I have so I never lose my notes, or topics that we discussed throughout an Inside Sales Reps tenure.

Jonathan Adler, Sales Manager, The Atlanta Hawks

The Key Pillar of APM is the 1:1 Meeting


Preparation is the backbone to successful 1 on 1 meeting. Start right by choosing the appropriate cadence and selecting questions that enable all members to feel empowered to share info and ask for help.

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The feedback loop powered by 1:1 meetings is essential to Agile Performance Management. A seamless workflow for 1:1's enable continuous coaching conversations around performance and development.

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Follow Up

Follow up is critical. The ability to see what was previously discussed and items to be completed sets everyone up for success. It helps teams become great by knowing each week improvements are continually made.

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