Socrates was believed to be one of the greatest thinkers in history. His ability to help individuals discover through interrogation was unparalleled, and eventually cost him his life. Steve Job’s was quoted as saying: “I would trade all my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.” (Newsweek, 2001) Below is a snippet of WideAngle’s latest guide: 12 Lessons of Persuasion from Socrates (download now to get all 12).

Being a leader requires significant persuasion skills and since One on One Meetings are the most powerful management tool, knowing how to persuade in your One on One Meetings will be produce superior results. 12 Persuasion Tactics for Your Next One on One will make you think about how you’re leading, inspiring, and growing your team.

1. Empathize to Immediately Connect

Socrates is on trial (stage) defending himself from a group of accusers. Before his defense, many exclaimed to the jury to be weary of Socrates eloquence and persuasion. Socrates’ opening remarks starts with him empathy; places himself  in the audience’s shoes.

“How you have felt, O men of Athens, at hearing the speeches of my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know that their persuasive words almost made me forget who I was, such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth. But many as their falsehoods were, there was one of them which quite amazed me: I mean when they told you to be upon your guard, and not to let yourself be deceived by the force of my eloquence. They ought to have been ashamed of saying this, because they were sure to be detected as soon as I opened my lips and displayed my deficiency; they certainly did appear to be most shameless in saying this, unless by the force of eloquence, they mean the force of truth: for then I do indeed admit that I am eloquent. But in how different a way from theirs!”

Download all 12 Lessons of Persuasion from Socrates here

2. Keep the Focus on the Audience

Socrates never discusses the benefits to him if his life was spared, instead he speaks of the disadvantages that will happen to the Men of Athens if he is gone and how their lives will be affected.

“And now, Athenians, I am not going to argue for my own sake, as you may think, but for yours, that you may not sin against the God, or lightly reject his boon by condemning me. For if you kill me you will not easily find another like me, who, if I may use such a ludicrous figure of speech, am a sort of gadfly, given to the State by the God; and the State is like a great and noble steed who is tardy in his motions owing to his very size, and requires to be stirred into life. I am that gadfly which God has given the State and day long and in all places am always fastening upon you, arousing and persuading and reproaching you. and as you will not easily find another like me, I would advise you to spare me.”

Download all 12 Lessons of Persuasion from Socrates here

3. Ask the Biggest Question Your Skeptics Want to Know

Depending on the nature of your presentation and communication, having a dialogue with yourself helps the reader or listener identify with your thoughts. Socrates does it brilliantly when he poses the question:

“I dare say that someone will ask the question, “Why is this Socrates, and what is the origin of these accusations of you: for there must have been something strange which you have been doing? All this great fame and talk about you would never had arisen if you had not been like other men: tell us, then, why this is, as we should be sorry to judge hastily of you.” 

Download all 12 Lessons of Persuasion from Socrates here

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