Some managers have a tough time putting a value to meeting regularly with their direct reports.

It’s a tough calculation for many.

What is the monetary value associated with holding 1 on 1’s and building good relationships with each direct report?

Well, let us share a story of a leader who generated $438,000 for his company by asking two simple questions.

These are the type of questions every manager wants to ask regularly but it is so hard while we all juggle 40 other priorities as a manager.

In our real world example, the manager was a middle manager in sales…before being promoted. But this example doesn’t only apply to sales, it can work with any revenue generating role.

In the 1 on 1 meeting, the conversation turned to the more tactical approach on execution.

The manager simply asked:

What two deals are you about to walk away from in the pipeline?



This type of data cannot be found in the CRM. This type of information is not in a pulled report.

This information is only in the strategic mind of a sales rep who understands their pipeline and is forced to answer the tough questions around execution.

You guessed right.

The direct report told the manager which two deals he was about to walk away from and why.

The “why” did not pass the sniff test for the manager. He ended up excavating the buried deal and it closed.

$483,000 later, this exchange rang all the way up to the CEO. Quickly there after, the CEO mandated everyone have 1 on 1 meetings and ask that question at least monthly.

Asking the questions is easy. Asking the tough questions with consistency is very difficult and only great leaders have the discipline and courage to do so.

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