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Being in technology, it’s no surprise we like coffee and coffee shops. In Atlanta there are many great coffee shops, it’s tough to just pick one. The hold-up with picking one coffee shop in Atlanta is that we’re a city with what seems like 8 different towns; comparing a coffee shop in Buckhead to another in Old Fourth Ward doesn’t work. So we’ve broken this quarter’s WideAngle into geographical locations : Buckhead, Westside, and O4W/Virginia Highland.

Best Coffee Shop in Buckhead: The Ritz-Carlton vs. Caribou+Starbucks

The Ritz Carlton – It may sound abusrd, but the The Ritz -Carlton Buckhead, slick has some of the best coffee and tea in the city: it’s cheap and…pause, yes the paper is free. New York Times, AJC, and Wall Street Journal lay in racks for any paying customer. DON’T TELL ANYONE. The biggest issue for the me at the Ritz is looking the part. Our normal work attire consists of tee-shirt’s and jeans. Whenever I make it a morning at the Ritz I’ll try to throw on a jacket or button up to attempt to the look the part for a moment or two. Take our insight on this, stop by the Ritz for a 15 minute coffee break, catch up on world news, and valet your car while doing it (only 2 dollars). The total trip will cost you less than the paper you’ll walk out of there with.

8+ Caribou & Starbucks – Yes, it is ridiculous the amount of Starbucks and Caribou Coffees in the Buckhead area. The one redeeming quality each one has is the amount of activity going on…if energy is your thing. You’ll never feel like Atlanta is placid when hanging around one of these shops. Whether it’s the carpool mom with the line of kids or the investment banker closing a deal on the phone, the energy is real and infectious. Getting caught up in the hustle and bustle will likely motivate you do whatever you’re doing, faster. These coffee shops are littered all over this part of town from Lenox Mall to the corner of West Paces Ferry; spend a few hours in one of these shops and let it ride. As for the coffee..well you likely already know how it is.

On the Come Up: Octane @ Atlanta Tech Village – Be on the look out for the Octane Coffee in the works at the Atlant Tech Village. The first independent coffee shop in the heart of Buckhead is about to pop up in the most unexpected of places.

Best Coffee Shop in WestSide/Midtown: Octane Coffee (Westside) vs. The Warhorse

octane coffee - westside
Octane Coffee – Westside

Octane Coffee (Westside) – The original Octane Coffee is a significant staple in this town. It seems more artwork has been showcased on those walls than at the HIGH sometimes. Back in 08′, Octane was one of the first few places where TweetUps were held and co-working with friends just seems to happen here. The mix of artists, students, business folks, and technologists make it a place where the diversity keeps you guessing of one another’s story. The coffee is some of the best in the city. Hands down. Time seems to escape and focusing on the task at hand becomes much easier.

The Warhorse Coffee Joint
The Warhorse Coffee Joint

The Warhorse Coffee Joint – 
Nestled in a corner of The Goat Farm, the Warhorse doesn’t slow time down, it practically stops there. Entering the small shop leaves even the regular visitor on their toes. New books always show up on the bookshelf; vintage cameras and typewriters appear with consistency. The coffee is the last thing you’ll be interested in when entering this hidden gem of Atlantan establishments. Go with an open mind and respectful attitude or you won’t last long.

Best Coffee Shop in Virginia Highland / OFW: San Francisco Coffee vs. Dancing Goats Coffee (OFW)

San Francisco Coffee Atlanta
San Francisco Coffee Atlanta

San Francisco Coffee – There may not be a smarter coffee shop in the city. Every time you look over, it seems as if a teacher is grading papers or a PHD student is wrapped in their thesis. The coffee is exceptionally good here. Outlets have always been a pain so bring a charged-up computer. The chair and tables are small giving it a Parisian feeling, but the vibe here is one of the bests in the city.

Dancing Goats - Ponce City Markets
Dancing Goats – Ponce City Markets

Dancing Goats Coffee (Ponce City Market) – This Batdorf & Bronson coffee roasters shop definitely has the best outside setup in the city. Lounging swings, adirondack chairs, and cushy pillows make you feel like you’re on a porch in Charleston not in the middle of Atlanta. This coffee shop will only get more popular as the mega-renovation of Ponce City Market progresses. Great coffee, great people, and and an outdoor setting unparalleled in the city.






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