I do not know one CEO who says his or her company does not prioritize performance management. However, when you dive under the hood, certain behaviors of performance management from most CEO’s prove it’s not a priority.

A skeptical air pervades performance management with many CEO’s. For many it’s too fluffy, not tied to revenue, and an outdated practice. In the back of many minds, there is a fib leaders are saying to themselves, a fib middle managers have to believe, and a fib where many direct reports chuckle when discussed.

That fib is that performance management is a priority to the company.

However, study after study, proves employees want feedback and it’s effective to the bottom line regarding results and retention.

Performance management should solve the ravenous desire for feedback, but it’s failing.  There are many reason why traditional performance management is getting ripped and replaced.

4 Behaviors Proving Leaders Prioritize Performance Management:

1. The Real World: Most CEO’s do not partake in any sort of review process. They have faith middle management is “getting it done”…yet only 12% of employees think their managers help them set performance goals.

If you’re a leader who holds 1 on 1 meetings, includes yourself in the performance reviews process and doesn’t hope that the managers below you are doing performance management for you, that is a good sign.

2.The Real World: Most CEO’s do not personally follow up to see who is receiving coaching, training, and development in their organization. How visibility should the CEO have?

Are you following up with your managers and holding them accountable for pushing their direct reports to do more? Do you have a simple way to prove this with data besides looking at their calender?

3.The Real World: Most CEO’s delegate performance management to HR. Why should HR have to own performance management, too?

Are you waiting for a resource to come and “take performance management off your plate?” This is a red flag. Performance management should tie into your strategic goals and not be delegated to HR.

4.The Real World: They have enough to just “check the box” but not prove real meaning to the business or bottomline. 69% of workers surveyed between the ages of 18-34 said they find the traditional performance review flawed.

Is the solution you have for performance reviews and performance management adopted by the entire company without having to force it down everyone’s throat by mandating ineffective, clunky annual reviews?

Next time you’re discussing the prioritization of performance management in your organization, it starts with the leadership team, and behaviors from the top.

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