The 1:1 Meeting is the Best Agile Performance Management Tactic for Continuous, Effective Feedback

One of the pillars of Agile Performance Management is continuous, effective feedback. Yet, this is a broad strategy.

What does that mean and how does a company initiate a “continuous effective feedback” strategy?

Every CEO, Manager, and HR practitioner wants engaged employees and honest, candid communication across the company. There are numerous ways to create a culture of continuous, effective feedback. Tactics range from weekly team huddles, daily stand ups, employee surveys, town hall meetings with the CEO, and our favorite: 1:1 meetings.

“The regularly-scheduled 1:1 meeting is the most valuable tool for anyone leading a team.” – Mike of

5 Reasons Why the 1:1 Meeting is the Best Agile Performance Management Tactic

1. It is unquestionably the best way to build a real relationship with each direct report. Better relationships with your direct reports produce better results. The best way to systematically build your professional relationships is through a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly regularly scheduled 1:1. Read some of our favorite articles from Harvard Business Review below if you do not agree.

2. Managers are already doing them! Or, should be. If you ask a manger if they do 1:1’s with their direct reports, and they say “no” how else are they building a real, authentic relationship with their directs.

3. It’s a timeless management practice. This is not new. How great is that? It’s not a new widget or guru session. It’s baked in a proven best practice. The greatest asset a CEO or HR specialist has when implementing the continuous, effective feedback strategy is that 1:1 meetings are a staple and standard with great managers and businesses. This video for Bowen Engineering on 1:1 meetings is pure.

4. The manager is empowered. There is a reason managers are managers: they’ve proven themselves as a leader and earned the responsibility from the company (and other leaders) to lead a team. Re-emphasizing the importance of doing 1:1’s with their directs applies pressure to them and entrust them to lead with their unique style.

5. Note-taking and documentation likely occurs already. Survey your managers and ask them how they’re taking notes within their 1:1 meetings. For the managers that are doing them (and they all should be) are likely documenting them in Microsoft Word, Evernote, Google Docs, and the good ol’ fashioned pen and paper. Your Agile Performance Management platform should automate many manual functions of a good 1:1 on meeting.

We are not alone in our conviction around the power of 1:1 meetings. Read Harvard Business Reviews article on ways to leverage them for more productive employees, the cost of cancelling 1:1 meetings or what every great manager does.

The best Agile Performance Management strategy is making sure effective communication and feedback occurs between the manager and the direct report. There is no better Agile Performance Management tactic than the timeless best practice of holding regular, scheduled, and documented 1:1 meetings with each direct report.