mandate 1 on 1 meetings

Should You Mandate 1:1 Meetings?

The value of holding 1:1 meetings is clear. Delivering consistent and clear feedback through a regularly scheduled meeting improves morale, retention, and productivity.  But. It’s a tough meeting to commit to regularly. Disciplining your calendar is a struggle for anyone who has to deliver real results. As a leader, how do you ensure consistent feedback…Continue Reading

Bruce Lee

The Unity of Proactive 1:1 Meetings and Reactive Performance Reviews

In his book, Artist of Life, famous writer, artist, actor, and philosopher, Bruce Lee describes the unity of two opposing forces and it immediately connected with me regarding the performance management space. When describing the unity of gentleness and firmness, Lee professes that many instructors from different schools of martial arts claim that gentleness requires…Continue Reading

own performance management

Why Should HR Have To Own Performance Management Too?

In our most recent article on the Perfect Performance Management Process, a few eyebrows were raised in our first paragraph around who should own performance management. In addition, HR Bartender recently penned a great piece on HR’s Role in Helping Organizations Accept Feedback where there is lively discussion in the comments. We’ve had the good…Continue Reading

performance management process

The Perfect Agile Performance Management Process

“Performance management,” are sticky words that we’ll let HR handle. Not anymore. From CEOs, to managers, to HR leaders, we’ve received hundreds of requests to share what the perfect performance management process would look like today. We’ve explored the Agile Performance Management Framework before, but frameworks are great for theory. Execution and results matter more. The following is…Continue Reading

Newlyweds Dancing Rock-n-roll At The Wedding Party Scene

Which Wedding Should You Attend?

It seems like the moment you hit 25, the next 10 years are filled with bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings. Deciding on which ones to go, which ones are affordable, and which ones have zero conflicts can leave us in a perplexing spot. Your boss is getting married this summer. Her team members that have been…Continue Reading