agile performance management tactic
By Jon Birdsong|December 27, 2016|0

5 Reasons Why the 1:1 Meeting is the Best Agile Performance Management Tactic

The 1:1 Meeting is the Best Agile Performance Management Tactic for Continuous, Effective Feedback One of the pillars of Agile Performance Management is continuous, effective feedback. Yet, this is a broad strategy. What does that mean and how does a company initiate a “continuous effective feedback” strategy? Every CEO, Manager, and HR practitioner wants engaged…Continue Reading

traditional performance management
By Jon Birdsong|December 26, 2016|0

4 Reasons Why Traditional Performance Management Is Still Adopted

Traditional Performance Management is under siege by the burgeoning and dynamic field of Agile Performance Management (APM). The most advanced, yet industry accepted evolution of Performance Management is generating a groundswell of content and buzz ranging from industry leaders to innovative, progress practitioners. The need for more data on ineffective Traditional Performance Management practices and results…Continue Reading

agile performance management strategy
By Jon Birdsong|December 25, 2016|0

Continuous, Effective Feedback is the Most Important Agile Performance Management Strategy

The Most Important Agile Performance Management Strategy: Continuous, Effective Feedback As industry experts and thought leaders continue to praise Agile Performance Management, it’s important to understand what it is, and what Agile Performance Management Strategy (APM) to implement first. We took a broader dive into the 6 Strategies of Agile Performance Management inspired by HCI; now it’s time…Continue Reading

Agile Performance Management
By Jon Birdsong|December 6, 2016|0

Agile Performance Management IS the Next Big Thing In HR

The Human Capital Institute released a recent White Paper titled Agile Performance Management (APM): HR’s Next Big Move. We paid attention. This common sense and easy-to-digest White Paper is obnoxiously obvious. Yet, the paper’s brilliance relies on the label in a market craving innovation for years. Performance reviews and traditional performance management has been on…Continue Reading