serious 1 on 1 meetings

2 Signs 1 on 1 Meetings are Taken Seriously

Every leader in an organization wants some form of consistency and accountability. We’ve been working with some major companies recently and rolling out WideAngle to hundreds of frontline and middle managers. It’s been incredibly rewarding and exciting. One of the major compelling events that gets us in the door is the new company (or division)…Continue Reading

3 types of power workforce

3 Types of Power in the Workplace

Many times when I speak with a manager and they lament at the difficulty of “managing,” I ask the question: what is your style? We all know great leaders. Each one has a unique style only they can pull off. It’s true: leadership style is as unique as the individual. One way to understand each style…Continue Reading

JFK Leadership

4 Leadership Actions JFK Took to Win

I’m in the midst of reading Thomas Oliphant’s and Curtis Wilkie’s book titled: The Road To Camelot: Inside JFK’s Five-Year Campaign and the parallels to leadership in business are too large not to print. Many people assume Kennedy’s rise to political power was destined and easy. A father with limitless pockets, a Grandfather who was…Continue Reading