Newlyweds Dancing Rock-n-roll At The Wedding Party Scene

Which Wedding Should You Attend?

It seems like the moment you hit 25, the next 10 years are filled with bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings. Deciding on which ones to go, which ones are affordable, and which ones have zero conflicts can leave us in a perplexing spot. Your boss is getting married this summer. Her team members that have been…Continue Reading

performance review

How to Run a Performance Review in the Real World

Performance Review in the Real World Anyone who professes how to run a traditional performance review is immediately on the defensive. Evidence around performance management’s ineffectiveness is too strong to claim anything substantial in the past has worked. Credible institutions like the ones linked below have leveraged massive resources to uncover traditional performance management’s ineffectiveness….Continue Reading

tattoo in work environment

Does This Man with Tattoos Hinder or Help?

You don’t really care Jesse has tattoos running down his arms and up his neck. After all, he’s one of the best designers in the company and having tattoos never affected his work. It’s always been part of your job to “manage” expectations and perception of the company. True, it’s likely some of your larger,…Continue Reading


Let Them Know or Let It Go?

Tough positions never escape managers and this one is no different. You’ve just been let in on a company secret and can’t tell anyone. Yet those with the information would be better suited to make decisions around their life if they knew this information. Of course you as the manager know your team can keep…Continue Reading


Play the Part or Follow Your Heart

Rebecca is a good worker. Her 2 years in management at a commercial design company has lead to strong reviews and a good reputation within the company. She does a good job, sometimes gets pushed around a little bit by more vocal managers, but isn’t afraid to stand her ground. Rebecca’s desire is to take…Continue Reading

How to Handle Favoritism

How to Handle Favoritism in 1 on 1 Meetings

Everyone is unique. Every manager has a unique relationship with their direct reports. It’s natural to favor spending time with one direct report or another. However, managers must navigate the waters to treat every team member with the same degree of accountability, time for development, and more. Our experts answer the tough questions around favoritism…Continue Reading