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Why Performance Reviews are Cool (and Necessary) Again

You’ve likely heard the trend over the last few years about prominent companies like Amazon, GE, and others nuking traditional performance reviews organization wide. There is no question the amount of inefficiency plaguing the traditional performance review process — it is laughable. Go figure when your company mandates managers talk once a year in December…Continue Reading

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2 Simple Actions HR Should Take To Stimulate Performance Management

We know, performance management is one of the last priorities when it comes to today’s HR leader. It’s the item on the list we’ll perennially “get to.” Yet, so much of today’s workforce needs continuous feedback from managers. Besides…annual reviews have been on the way out for years and between another software integration, ensuring managers do their…Continue Reading

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Never Miss a Follow-up from Your Most Important Meeting.

Proactive and engaged PeopleOps is undeniably the future of the Human Resources department. However, being proactive is far more difficult when performance conversations and follow-up are built around ad-hoc spreadsheets and emails. Tools don’t make leaders, but they do make building a successful organization easier. In that vein, we’re excited to announce two new features that push…Continue Reading

managing millennials

Keys to Managing Millennials and Discovering “The Why” | Joe Schreck

We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Joe Schreck, Partner at The Piedmont Group of MassMutual on managing millennials and his leadership style. In an industry where many don’t make it past the first year, Joe’s team has consistently out performed and achieved greater success. This is proven by having the most direct reports score high on MassMutual’s…Continue Reading