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WideAngle is a Full-Featured Solution for Your 1:1 Meetings


WideAngle’s functionality makes 1:1 meetings more productive, helps them happen, and ensures they are documented.

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The Full WideAngle Feature List

WideAngle Briefs

WideAngle Briefs are what managers and their direct reports use to prepare for their 1:1 meeting. Managers set questions and elicit feedback, directs provide topics and talking points, and both walk into the meeting prepared.

WideAngle Brief

Automatically Rotating Questions

Agendas and structure are important, but regular interactions from the same game plan can get stale. Managers can set questions to automatically rotate into briefs to keep 1:1’s lively and valuable.

Rotating Questions

1:1 Reports

Which managers in your organization are doing 1:1’s and actively working to improve the performance of their team’s? Find out with WideAngle’s 1:1 reporting.

WideAngle 1:1 Report

Privacy Built-in

WideAngle is a tool for managers to communicate with their direct reports. Only the direct report and their manager have access to a conversation, unless explicitly shared. A 1:1 is only effective if the conversation is real and unencumbered by outside influence.

Privacy is enforced between the direct report and manager.


Add accountability to action items from 1:1’s with Deliverables. Deliverables allow both managers and their direct reports to track what needs to be done by the next 1:1 meeting and hold each other accountable.

WideAngle Deliverables

Schedules and Reminders

A 1:1 is only effective if scheduled and regular. Managers set the day and frequency of Briefs and WideAngle handles the rest.

Schedule Your WideAngle Brief

Deliverable Reminders

Keep track of what’s due in by the next 1:1 with Deliverable reminders. Get notified a few days before your 1:1 so that you can get everything done and look like a star.

Reminder of deliverables


Great 1:1’s produce new knowledge for the organization. These insights can be shared to other team members and key stakeholders directly from a WideAngle Brief.

WideAngle for Sales Teams

Everything WideAngle has to offer, supercharged with sales metrics from SalesForce.com

Additional Features in WideAngle for Sales

Metrics From SalesForce.com

Quickly and easily see the 5-7 key metrics from SalesForce.com for each role and team member.

sales team member report

Funnel Reports

Quickly visualize the sales funnel for the organization, sales group, or sales representative.

sales conversion funnel


Put any metric up on the big screen and see how the team stacks up against the goal and each other. Highlight the big metrics with a shark and gong.


Email Reports

Configure daily or weekly email reports to track your teams progress for goals.

Email Report