Every manager wants to ask better questions in their 1:1’s. Great questions help direct reports grow through discovery and reflection. We asked our panelist of experts what they believe the be great questions for 1:1 meetings. Watch below to see their answers and read the highlights below.
Rob Beattie of Thomson Reuters:
– Highlight a positive. Example: “What did you do well last week that you are proud of?”
– Highlight someone on your team that did something well last week?
– Tell me something you did last week that progressed your professional development.
– Try to get them to refocus on themselves.
– Think of questions that you would want your boss to ask you.

Shelley Gaynes of GeeWiz:
– It’s important to always change it up.
– Keep the focus on being positive.
– Uncover what would make this conversation great.
– Make sure they have a priority of topics coming in.
– What would you like me to help you most with?
– What can I do to make your job easier?
– Good catch all question: “Is there something I should ask you that I didn’t ask?”
– What else?
– It can never seem stale. Freshness is the key.
– Ask questions that show you are well informed on the life of your team members.

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