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47 Questions You Should Ask in One on One Meetings

One on Ones are the most important 30 minutes of the week. The following include 47 questions you should ask in One on One Meetings that we’ve curated from some of the best managers in the world.

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Set The Agenda

One on Ones are to build a great relationships. The better your relationship with your direct reports, the better the results. This requires amazing listening skills and immense patience.

Reinforce Good Behavior

Highlight good behavior. This keeps the One on One positive and supportive. Many managers dive into pipeline or what’s not working immediately. Direct Reports can quickly lose confidence. Do not let this happen. Open up the communication channel to what is really going well. 

Address Challenges/Areas of Opportunities

You and your direct report have a professional relationship. Expectations from both parties are set. Challenge your Direct Report on identifying where they are struggling. Having it self identified is a key component to a great leader. Many managers get lazy or uncomfortable when focusing on the difficult areas.

Game Plan

Strategize and game plan the week ahead. Focusing this 30 minutes with your direct report could change the outcome of the 39.5 hours (at least) they execute throughout the week. Now is the time to focus and deploy strategic initiatives to your Direct Reports.

Relationship Building

The single largest intent a manager should have when going into One on Ones is building a relationship. Know some of the quirks and unique traits of your team members is a great strategy for building relationships. Some of the best rapport is developed by forming bonds over the most unique and random commonalities. As a manager, find them out with the help from the following questions.

Download: 47 Questions You Should Ask in One on One Meetings