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Free Sales Coaching Book: How to Get Started with Sales Coaching

Learn to surpass your sales goals with effective sales coaching

The success or failure of every sales manager rides on how well his sales reps sell.
Are your reps firing on all cylinders or consistently missing their numbers?

Sales experts agree that coaching has the power to move the needle,
but few frontline sales managers know how to get started with sales coaching.

Many have asked “What’s the best way to coach?” This eBook helps
you get started by drawing from veteran sales experts
including David Brock, Steve Caldwell and Lori Richardson.

After reading it, you’ll have the tools you need to dramatically transform
your team’s ability to hit their numbers – every time.

Download the Sales Coaching Book to learn:

  • What Happens When Coaching is Done Right
  • The 1 Question to Ask to Jumpstart Coaching Success
  • Which 5-7 Key Metrics to Track
  • How to Facilitate Coaching Conversations
  • Key Coaching Questions for Specific Coaching Sessions

WideAngle’s sales coaching book will help you and your team put the processes in place to create a consistent flow of accountability and structure to march more efficiently.

This sales coaching book was brought to you by Score More Sales and WideAngle.