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How to Manage Millennials on Your Sales Team

WideAngle’s ebook: How to Manage Millennials on Your Sales Team is the first step to exploring how millenials think, backed by data.

As defined by PEW Research, ‘Millennials’ are people born after 1981 in the United States. They proceed Generations X (1965-1980), Baby Boomers (1946-1964) and the Silent Generation (1928-1945). By 2030, they will make up more than 50% of the U.S. workforce and currently comprise 30% of the population and rising. They are more ethnically diverse than ever before with 61% white/caucasian, 19% hispanic, 14% black and 5% asian 1% other. Most telling, perhaps, is that 75% of millennials have an active social media profile, more than double that of Baby Boomers and 25% more than Generation X. Better yet, over 80% of millennials sleep with a powered phone less than 5 ft away from them every day. They are connected, active and quickly becoming dominant in the workplace.

If you can learn how to lead millennials, you will learn how to become a leader in your industry for the next 3 decades.

In the eBook: How to Manage Millennials On Your Sales Team, you’ll learn the following:

1. Who are Millennials? What are their Traits/Stereotypes?
2. Millennial Myths
3. What do they Care About?
4. What do they Want in the Workplace?
5. What are the right steps to implementing change and enhancing performance?