The better relationship with each team member, the better the results

Our Mission

At WideAngle, we believe a better relationship with your team members will produce better results. Your weekly One on One Meeting is the most effective management tool to systematically build a professional relationship. WideAngle works into your regular workflow by helping managers make sure every One on One occurs, is productive, and documented.

WideAngle helps managers perform three tasks around a One on One well

  1. Preparation
  2. Execution
  3. Follow up

How do we do this? Let us show you


Planning and prep work set the stage for productive One on Ones.


Timing is everything. How frequently One on Ones occur determines the tone and information exchanged.
Best practice: weekly


Asking the right questions is critical to getting the most out of One on Ones. WideAngle not only provides questions from a variety of templates (or you can create your own) but also allows you to decide if you want to ask the same questions every week or rotate which questions are asked.
Best practice: 3-5 Questions 

Preparation Screen Capture #1

Manager begins the process by creating a WideAngle brief for the One on One

Manager sets how frequently they want their direct reports to complete a WideAngle Brief

Behind The Scenes

WideAngle keeps track of brief due dates so you don’t have to

Reminder emails are sent to both manager and direct report


Communication begins! Now is the time for everyone to shine and share information.
Execution Screen Capture #1

Brief yet to be completed

Execution Screen Capture #2

Brief completed and reviewed

Based on the questions a manager selects to use in a brief, a direct report is able to candidly answer and share information a manager might otherwise miss. Once the completed brief is sent, a manager is able to review, comment on any answer, and start assigning action items (deliverables) for either person. Having a brief completed before a One on One allows everyone to be aware of what’s going on already and be able to spend time on the issues that really need attention.

Behind The Scenes

WideAngle ensures all are kept abreast of status changes to briefs

Afraid of forgetting tasks are due, no worries, WideAngle will remind you.

Follow Up

An important but often lacking step; People get busy, thing are forgotten, but it’s crucial!
Follow Up Screen Capture

The hardest part of a manager’s role with One on One’s is following up. Notebooks get lost and it’s an amateur feeling when you sit down with your direct report and ask the question: “What did we talk about last week?” WideAngle solves this problem for each of your direct reports. The team overview provides managers with a quick check on what’s due, what’s completed, and an overall sense of how things are going for every member of the team.

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