The WideAngle application allows me to stay in touch with my remote employees with the weekly briefs, and also hold both of us accountable for discussing the really important things during our scheduled One on One meetings. Dave Henrichs, Sales Manager, General Electric

The better relationship with each team member, the better the results.

At WideAngle, we believe a better relationship with your team member will produce better results. Your weekly one on one is the most effective management tool to systematically build a professional relationship. WideAngle works into your regular workflow by helping managers make sure every one on one occurs, is productive, and documented.

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One on One Software: How It Works

WideAngle helps the managers do three tasks around the One on One very well.

  1. Prepare for the One on One.
  2. Execute the One on One.
  3. Follow up on the One on One.


Manager Sets the Cadence of their One on One.

Best practice: weekly

brief timing gif

Manager Sets Up a WideAngle Brief.

This is the list of questions the direct report should answer to prepare for the  weekly one on one.

Direct Report is Notified to Prepare for the One on One

Direct reports gets notified to fill out the Brief questions 24 hours before the one on one.

email to direct report

Direct Report Fills Out the Brief. Manager is Notified and Begins Cultivating the One on One

Preparation is complete. Once the direct report fills out the brief. The manager is notified and begins crafting the best way to use the 30 minutes available. WideAngle pulls in 3-5 key metrics from your CRM for context around the discussion.

brief ex


A CRM is not required to use WideAngle. We do integrate with by automatically pulling the 3-5 key metrics that drives your team’s daily behavior.


Once each team member’s brief is filled out. The manager knows exactly what to discuss in the upcoming one on one and more important, what the direct report wants to discuss in the one on one. Remember, nothing says “I care about you more” than spending time with your team. This 30 minutes should follow the perfect structure of a one on one.

Manager and Direct Report Agree on Deliverables During the One on One

Execution continues. In the One on One, listening is critical. The manager should be spending less than 20% of of the time talking. As each direct report discusses the week, both manager and direct report should agree upon deliverables for next week and assign them accordingly.

Main Gif Deliverables



The hardest part of a manager’s role with one on one’s is following up. Notebooks get lost and it’s an amateur feeling when you sit down with your direct report and ask the question: “What did we talk about last week?” WideAngle solves this problem for each of your direct reports.

Manager and Direct Report Have Documentation and Accountability of Deliverables

Follow up is critical. Setting the expectations that whatever agreed upon deliverable is due next week is important. This is where good businesses and teams become great. Week in and week out, they can say: “we are better at what we do this week than we were last week.”

Follow Up

Break down the barriers necessary for quality one on ones and sales coaching. Adam Lewites, VP of Sales, Insightpool

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