sales roles and responsibilities

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The sales roles and responsibilities in a fast growing business have a pattern. There’s focus, specialization, a culture of coaching and more. Today, we’re zoning in on specific sales roles and responsibilities. We’re starting with the most important people in the sales organization: the ones on the front line.

Sales Roles and Responsibilities

In the many sales organizations and processess, the frontline sales people are called the Sales Development Reps.

Sales Development Reps’ Responsibilities

The most important responsibility of the sales development rep is to get qualified leads in the hands of an Account Executive (more on them in a little bit).

There are 3 primary roles required to do this:

  • Build a targeted list of prospects.
  • Send cold emails and make follow up calls
  • Execute qualification call and hand off lead to Account Executives

As mentioned above, the Sales Development Rep is on the front line. They dig through the trenches. They find a lead. They hunt them down. They make sure they’re good enough for the Account Executive.

Like an assist from Pippen to Jordan, if the Sales Development Rep did their best, all the Account Executive needs to do is throw down the alley-oop. Note: these roles and responsibilities come from a sound sales process, feel free to download a free sales process template to get your started.

Account Executive Reps’ Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of an Account Executive is to close deals. They get to really work the deal, know the buyer, and help with their needs.

The 6 primary roles of an Account Executive are the following:

  • Re-qualify the lead (this is when the SDR should get paid)
  • Assess the needs of the lead
  • Perform up an in-person demo or web presentation
  • Address any concerns
  • Negotiate
  • Close

All of these roles will have different steps for each company, but over all, the deliverables, roles, and responsibilities are very similar.

If you have a very active inbound marketing division in your business, then there is another sales role and responsibility that will be required in your sales organization. That is the role of a Market Response Rep.

Market Response Reps’ Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility for Market Response Reps is very similar to the Sales Development Reps: get qualified leads in the hands of an Account Executive. However they have different roles.

A growing business will have a humming marketing organization. Meaning, prospects are filling out forms for white papers, attending webinars, and subscribing to company blogs. The Market Response Reps sift through all of these, qualify them and move them to the hands of an Account Executive.

The three primary roles of a Market Response Rep are the following:

  • Sort through the inbound leads from the marketing department
  • Send emails and make follow up calls
  • Execute qualification call and hand off to Account Executives

Trust us when we write this: don’t mix the job roles of a Market Response Rep and a Sales Development Rep. It’s doable but industry averages have the amount of lost efficiency on both ends around 20%.

The sales roles and responsibilities are critical to get right. More importantly communicating to your salespeople will keep everyone on the same page.

Our next piece on sales roles and responsibilities will revolve around the Director of Sales and the VP of Sales. However, if you want to get a sneak peak of what’s ahead here are two great articles to read:

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