How can an ambitious Millenial stand out above the crowd of their peers and demonstrate they are ready to be the next leader in the organization?

Our generation has a reputation for being savvy, snarky, needy, and impatiently over-ambitious and sometimes difficult to manage. Say what you say, many of today’s managers love, despise, admire, and fear the generation taking over the work place — semester by semester.

Numerous studies have shown the common trends around Millenials and their behaviors but what’s is discussed includes Millennials and leadership. Not how to lead and manage Millennials — that’s covered, even one right here.

What about the Millenials who are currently individual contributors who want to lead — what do they need to do to prove they are ready to lead?

Millenials Lead By Millenials

How does one separate themselves from the pack to lead? The answer is simple: start showing and implementing leadership characteristics. Leadership takes many forms but one of our favorites at WideAngle includes Servant Leadership

We see it thousands of time with managers who leverage WideAngle for stronger communication, greater team alignment, and deeper relationships. Taking a page from Servant Leadership playbook, below is one simple tactic to demonstrate a quality leadership your manager will respect.

The best question and mentality a current direct report can ask their manager is the following:

“What can I do even better to help us hit our team goals, reinforce strategic initiatives, and make you look good?”

Great managers, through servant leadership are asking similar questions each week, all focused on helping every direct report achieve their individual goals. When asking your manager the previous question, the direct report immediately flips the script; it puts mission, team, and service above the individual — all great characteristics of a leader.

The moment you have an ounce of aspiration to lead, begin thinking what can I do for the company, leadership, and team.

Begin practicing the skills, conversations, and mentality required to lead our generation and the many more afterwards.

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