We’re extremely excited to announce a feature that has been in the works for almost a year. Our product facilitates 1:1 meetings because one of our fundamental beliefs is that those 30 minutes a week are where the most interesting and thoughtful conversations happen between managers and their direct reports. These meetings are a treasure trove of amazing business data. Our new feature allows you to share that information to your colleagues, either as a team or to specific individuals. Using WideAngle, you can now take the knowledge created during these meetings and enrich others.

It took us a year to build this feature because it was important to us to get it right. One of our other fundamental beliefs is the reason 1:1 meetings are so valuable is because they are private and direct. We didn’t want our sharing feature to be yet another Kumbaya-Everything-Is-Awesome tool of the forward thinking Leader. Real conversations cover unpleasant truths and disagreements. Respecting the privacy of those interactions is a critical component of real 1:1 meeting software. Which is why we’ve built this feature with privacy and accountability in mind.

Sharing Highlights from your 1:1 Meeting

Our new release allows WideAngle users to share all answers to a question, an individual answer, or a comment from a Brief. Users have the option to share to the team or to share via a shareable link. Both approaches will give the recipient access to a special page that shows just the shared snippet of conversation. The recipient of the share can take part in the conversation by favoriting or commenting.

Share to Team

Share to Team

Share to team

Easily one of the most requested features is the ability to share to the entire team. Discussions that have relevance to the entire team are a frequent occurrence in 1:1 meeting. Our new Share to Team feature will put that content right into the feed of every team member and admin and allow them to take part.

Content that is shared to the team will only be accessible to other users in your WideAngle account.

Home Page of a User

Home Page of Direct Report

Home Page of an Admin

Great Shared Content

Shareable Links

Sharable Link

The public sharable link can be given to anyone, anywhere. So many 1:1 conversations are the basis for something greater. With the shareable link, you can break out of the silo of a 1:1 and put direct, primary information into the hands of other stakeholders.

Is there a difficult objection that you just hashed out? That can be shared directly into the #objections Slack channel. Or perhaps one of your direct reports has a fantastic product idea. You can ensure that they get the credit by sharing that directly to the product group.

These are the types of quality conversations that happen in a 1:1 meeting that can now be provided to a broader audience. It doesn’t stop there. You can use the shareable link as part of case file supporting a promotion, as a way to show your CEO what life is like on the ground, and as an example to the outside world of how great your company is. You can use the link anywhere hyperlinks are supported, from corporate social networks like Slack and Yammer, to Twitter and Linkedin and even in another WideAngle 1:1.

Privacy and Off the Record

As excited as we are about sharing, we know that many great conversations aren’t for public consumption and we set out to build this feature with privacy in mind.

First, sharing is opt-in, not opt out. Every conversation shared in WideAngle can only be done by the deliberate action of one of the two participants in the 1:1 meeting. A few seconds of reflection is important before involving a broader audience in a conversation. Even in the most transparent of company cultures a collection of vetted conversations is more valuable than an unfiltered stream of consciousness.

New Leads

Most importantly, anything can be taken off the record at any time by either participant of the 1:1. An off the record conversation stays just between the two of you in WideAngle. A shared conversation can also be taken off the record and it will be like the conversation never existed. The public will no longer be able to see it.

Sharing without *Oversharing*

We’ve spent a long time working with our customers and thinking through how we can bring even more value to 1:1 meetings by enabling the selective sharing of content. We’ve worked very hard to strike the right balance between privacy and transparency; a balance that has been directly impacted by the users of our product. More than ever, we want to hear your feedback on these features.