Every leader in an organization wants some form of consistency and accountability. We’ve been working with some major companies recently and rolling out WideAngle to hundreds of frontline and middle managers. It’s been incredibly rewarding and exciting.

One of the major compelling events that gets us in the door is the new company (or division) wide initiative to ensure accountability within some process or training. Regular one on one meetings are the best way to systematically reinforce a best practice or initiative — strategic leaders in companies know this well.

That is where we at WideAngle pick up the conversation.

Great leaders know 1 on 1 meetings are the best way to reinforce a best practice, develop a relationship, maintain retention, and get good results.


When we ask leaders in the organization if your managers are doing 1 on 1 meetings, we get one of two answers.

  1. I hope so.
  2. They better be.

We’ll prod a bit more and ask “how can they be certain?” From there, the answers range from: “I look at their schedule” to “they let me know they are doing them.”

The one answer we know that proves a company is not serious about 1 on 1 meetings is when the leader says: “my guys are doing 1 on 1 meetings all the time.”

The two best ways to know if a manager is serious about doing 1 on 1 meetings:

  • It’s on their calendar.
  • The frequency is more often than once a month.

If a manager does not have her 1 on 1 meetings on the calendar then they truly cannot be serious about executing them.

If a manager individually meets each team member for less than 12 times a year, they truly cannot be serious about executing 1 on 1 meetings. Imagine meeting individually with a significant other only 12 times a year? That’s more like a casual fling than a real relationship.

Managers and leaders in organizations will do well to look at their calendars and frequency of 1 on 1 meetings when it comes to how serious they are about results and retention. 

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