Number of Direct Reports: 18

Genesis Crowder was an early WideAngle customer and advocate. She first started using our platform as a rising star in RentPath’s insides sales leadership team. When approached by Kore Telematics for their Director of Inside Sales position, they looked to Genesis not only for her drive and leadership ability, but also for the high quality tools and processes she would bring to the job. 

Favorite Team:  UGA Athletics LogoThe University of Georgia Bulldogs

I was taken home from the hospital in a UGA football onesie.

Key Management Tip:

Understand what makes each member on your team tick. It’s important to understand what is important outside of work so you can understand what will motivate them to work.

For example, what type of gifts they give their significant other? What is the best dish they can cook?

Key Feedback Loops You Use

  • 1 on 1 meetings, off the cuff conversations, and scheduled team outings.

Why Management?

It is instinctual for me to want to help others and share my experiences in hopes it can help my team achieve their goals. Even when I was an individual contributor, I always had an inclination for helping folks on their individual goals and initiatives.

Value of WideAngle:

Managers are so busy. We have a list of responsibilities a mile long. To put it back to football terms, a head coach cannot be good without an assistant coach. WideAngle is my assistant coach when it comes to managing my team around the structured feedback necessary to hit all of our goals.

The time and manual tasks required to execute a good 1 on 1 can be overwhelming, with WideAngle, I don’t have to mess with it and it automates all actions I was already doing, just without all the labor and hassle. It’s saved me countless hours.

Frequency of 1 on 1 Meetings:

  • Bi-weekly — the first and third week of the month.