Beginning next week, WideAngle will have the excitement and honor to work with Tejus Parikh as the new CTO.

After spending time with several candidates, Tejus’ experience and vision around our market made him a perfect fit. The former Principle Engineer at Vertical Acuity (acquired by Outbrain) was lured by WideAngle’s current paying customer base through numerous customer interviews.

For those that know Tejus, he focuses on building great businesses. Follow him on Twitter where he shares his ideas and interests.

WideAngle is proud to have Tejus joining us to build something even more amazing!

The next stage of WideAngle is one of significant growth. Our solid product generates paying customers weekly, but the team goal of building WideAngle into a $100+mm business — a type of business that can change a city — is still many long, fun hours away.

WideAngle is One on One meeting software used by companies including General Electric, IBM, AT&T, Google, and many more to make sure One on Ones happen, are productive, and documented.

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