One day a solid team member of the company came in disheveled having slept in from a long night up reading pop culture blogs. The coffee in the office ran dry from the early birds and she rushed in with a degree of frenzy knowing her 9:30 a.m. call was upon her.

The manager saw this direct report was in an anxiety-filled moment as she collected her notes with only 7 minutes to prepare for the call.

Quickly, the manager took the elevator to the lobby cafe and purchased a mocha latte and donut.

The manager took the latte and donut and placed it on the desk of the direct report and stated, “We all have crazy mornings, but it’s how we power through them with the help of the team that determines the day.”

The direct report paused for 5 seconds, sipped the hot latte, took two bites of the donut moments before the call and had the best day, week, and month all spawned from that moment.

Months later, she went to the manager whom she developed a strong rapport and trust with to lament on how she was not content. He made the appropriate changes and she stayed happily with the company. 

Morale of the Story:

One moment of kindness can make the biggest impact to the direct report.


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