Two weeks ago at Dreamforce, the one-and-only Trish Bertuzzi of the The Bridge Group Inc held a fascinating presentation on sales coaching. She drove home a point that’s travelled all the way back to Atlanta. The level of disconnect sales managers think they spend time coaching vs. the actual sales coaching that happens from the sales reps POV.

The difference between a Manager and Leader are severe.

– measure
– adjust
– blame

– recruit
– motivate
– retain
– people


There is a big disconnect between what sales managers think on time spent coaching and what their sales reps think on time spent coaching.

Trish surveyed over 800+ sales reps and found the following.

According to Sales Managers, the following chart is the amount of time they believe they spend coaching their team.

According to the sales reps surveyed, the following chart is the amount of time they believe their managers spend time coaching them.

In your organization, where does the actual time spent on coaching fall in line between the sales rep’s perspective and the sales manager’s perspective?

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