We have the great privilege of doing a Training Tuesday for AA-ISP. As we all know, 1:1’s are for any great manager. Engineers, Customer Success, and numerous other departments do 1:1’s. But we will always have a extremely focused and loving┬áspot in our heart for sales 1:1’s because of Rivalry turned WideAngle’s legacy. That and if┬ásales managers aren’t doing 1:1’s they shouldn’t be a manager (read: canned). It’s that simple.

We take great pride in presenting at tomorrow’s Training Tuesday for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals. The title of the training: Hold Valuable 1:1’s with these 6 Types of Questions.

Key themes around the discussion will be:

– Why do we do 1:1’s?
– What is a 1:1.
– What isn’t a 1:1.
– 6 Types of Questions that make a valuable 1:1
– Major Pitfalls and Missteps to 1:1’s.

After the presentation, we are more than happy to share the slide deck with whomever emails us. 1on1@wideangle.com

We are excited to speak to so many leaders tomorrow!

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