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1:1 Meetings + Performance Reviews are the most powerful management tool

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WideAngle Helps you Build Better Relationships with Proactive 1:1 Meetings and Reactive Performance Reviews

  • Ensure that every 1:1 meeting happens
  • Be prepared, set the agenda, and always have something to discuss
  • Document and assign deliverables for what is important
  • Share key insights and knowledge to the team

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What is a 1:1 Meeting? Answered.



WideAngle is a full-featured product to facilitate your 1:1 meetings and performance reviews.

WideAngle for Teams Includes:
  • WideAngle Briefs to prepare for your 1:1
  • Rotating questions sent out at regular intervals to keep 1:1’s fresh
  • Deliverables for accountability between 1:1s
  • A full history of all your 1:1’s in WideAngle
  • The ability to share insights and knowledge

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